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 Are you a carer?

As a carer you provide a valuable role. We aim to provide you with any support and advice needed. Please inform our staff if you are a carer.

Patient Access to Detailed Coded Information of your Medical Record

Rawmarsh Health Centre is now offering patients the opportunity to view detailed coded information of their medical records online using the the system Patient access (from the 31st of March 2016) If you would like to view your medical record, you will need to read our information leaflet, and request a consent form at the reception in the practice. Please bring I.D with you when submitting your consent form (e.g. a passport,driving licence). Please note we do not provide access to full clinical record

Your medical record should be available to view no later than 28 days from your request. If you are already signed up for online services, you will have to fill another form in and bring your ID-this is for your own record security. Once you have been activated you will be contacted by the surgery.

Summary Care Record & Sharing of Healthcare Information

You can now access your summary care record on-line please contact reception for further details

The practice uses SystmOne for your electronic health record this means other NHS commissioned services using this system can see some of your GP held medical records . If you do not wish to share your medical records please inform the surgery.


The practice can now transfer all of your medical record electronically when you register or de- register with our  GPs. This means we have access to your electronic record as soon as you register and if you de- register your new surgery will have access to your electronic medical record immediately.

Once registered please click here to view your detailed coded information.

Are you using the Rotherham Health APP?

You can use the app 24/7 on your laptop, tablet or smart phone. its a quick and easy way to;

  • Assess your symptoms
  • Book and manage appointments
  • View your medical record and test results
  • Manage your medication

and much much more.

To sign up today, please ask at reception




Over the counter medications

From October 2018 NHS England has implemented a new initiative to encourage patients to buy more overt the counter medicines because last year the NHS spent £569 million on prescriptions. By spending less money on treating conditions that will get better by themselves or by you treating them yourself at home, the NHS will have more money to spend on maintaining services or investing in new ones.

We are currently handing out survey questionnaires to people attending the surgery to get your thoughts on this new campaign. The GPs have been advised by NHS England to stop prescribing  simple medicines than can be bought over the counter at pharmacies and supermarkets. Please click on the link below for a list of these medicines.

over the counter

Last reviewed: 05/08/2019