MJOG Messenger

MJOG Messenger

MJog messenger is a free app for patients allowing quick and easy two way communications with their GP practice. MJog provides patients with  a convenient way to manage appointments, be alerted about services and receive reminders form their surgery.

  • There is no cost for patients to use the MJog Messenger App - it is free to download with no message costs 
  • It is a simple to use app - MJog Messenger is self explanatory with clear details including links and buttons to complete app interactions 
  • More informative messages for patients, compared to SMS
  • Convenient communications - app provides a straighforward view of documents and letters the practice sends via the app which is delivered to one device
  • Easy access - its a simple process to cancel appointments in one click, provide feedback or complete patient surveys 
  • Download on the App Store or get it on Google Play  
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Last reviewed: 12/04/2018