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Mind your own business

Mind Your Own Business aims to help for Rotherham employers to recognise and reduce stress and mental ill health within the workplace.

Why consider mental health in your business?


  • Nearly 3 in 10 employees will experience a mental health problem in any one year (ONS, 1995)
  • Work-related mental ill health accounts for more days off than any other cause of work related illness (Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, 2007)
  • The cost to UK employers is estimated at £26 billion per year (Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, 2008)


What we offer?

There are a number of simple steps that you as an employer, can take to promote the mental wellbeing of your workforce and support staff that may be showing signs of stress or mental ill health.

Mind Your Own Business can help your business by providing information and advice as well as links to local services, workshops and training courses.  

Tackle mental health in the workplace on three levels:


  1. Universal promotion of wellbeing. Good management practices, provision of training such as Mental Health First Aid, provision of information for staff about ways of looking after their own and other’s mental wellbeing, development of supportive policies and procedures such as flexible working.
  2. Identification and protection of staff that might be at risk. Routine monitoring of sickness absence; identification of teams or job roles that may be at higher risk of stress; carrying out stress risk assessments for these roles and taking steps to mitigate risks; including staff wellbeing as an essential component of a manager’s role.
  3. Rehabilitation and support of staff who are suffering from mental ill health. Provision of information about local health and advice services; promotion of any internal support services that are available; effective procedures and guidance for managers on issues such as sickness absence management and reasonable adjustments; communicating that as an employer you are committed to retaining valued members of staff.

What are the benefits of addressing mental health at work?

  • Lower levels of sickness absence
  • Better work performance and productivity
  • Reduced turnover of staff
  • Improved reputation of your business
  • Happier and healthier staff

Watch other employers tell their stories of working with Mind Your Own Business and the benefits they have seen as a result in our Mind YourOwn Business film:


Contacting us

For further information contact Jess Wilson, Health Promotion Specialist (Mental Health in the Workplace) on 01709 302727 or email

Why not:


  • Request additional information that is required about the initiative. 
  • Have an initial need assessment to discuss current working practices and any issues that may be relevant. 
  • Get advice and recommendations of ways to improve staff wellbeing will be made based on the areas discussed at this meeting.



For further information

Shift Campaign offers guidance and advice for employers on managing mental ill health in the workplace.

Mindful Employer is an employer-led initiative aimed at increasing awareness of mental health at work and providing support for businesses in recruiting and retaining staff. 

NICE Guidance. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence have reviewed the evidence regarding the promotion of employee mental well-being in the workplace and produced recommendations.

Other sites offering advice for employers:
The Centre for Mental Health 
The Health and Safety Executive 
The Shaw Trust: Tackling The Last Workplace Taboo

Last reviewed: 09/09/2011

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