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It is not as difficult as you think to make meals that are tasty, affordable and healthy for your whole family!

There are lots of quick, simple and affordable recipes that provide a healthy family meal and taste great too!

Maltby Masterchef


We have been working with local partners to help you and your family make healthy choices and start some great cooking at home. 

The first winner of the ‘create a perfect pizza competition’ was 2 year old Kaitlynn Hood from Stepping Stones Children Centre, Maltby. 


The winning recipe of the 'Perfect School Dinner' was the 'Rosti Burger' made by Josh and Jake from Crags Community Primary School

Download the Rosti Burger recipe

The 'Winter Warmers'Competition had two winning recipes as they were that good! Spicey Salmon Curry was made by Trevor Bernard from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and Sam Mitchell from Maltby. 'Good Old Chilli Con Carne' was made by the Tankersley Three from South Yorkshire Frire and Rescue

Download Spicey Salmon Curry recipe

Download Good Old Chilli Con Carne recipe

Maltby Academy students produced a selection of homemade tastey
takeaways.  The winning dish was 'Delicious Chicken Stirfry' and cooked
by Tahnee, Ashleigh and Emma fro Matby Academy.

Download Delicious Chicken Stirfry recipe

Market Meals


If you missed the event you can download the recipe cards:

Read more about what it means to
eat healthily.


In September 2010 Stephen Harrison, Executive Chef at Magna Science Adventure Centre and the Ministry of Food held live cooking demonstrations in Rotherham town centre. 

The demonstrations aimed to show you simple cooking and healthy meal ideas using fresh local produce from market traders. 

Market shoppers were given the opportunity to sample the food and recipe cards were handed out to members of the public with simple instructions for cooking the same meals at home. 

Last reviewed: 06/04/2011

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