More about Freedom of Information?


Under the Freedom of Information Act, people who put their enquiries in writing must be told if we do have the information they seek and they must then be given it.

There are circumstances in which supply can be denied eg. if assembling the information would take an inordinate amount of time, if releasing information would be a breach of confidence. Our experience though is that denying information requests is the exception rather than norm.

The Act also places on us a duty of proactive disclosure. The range of information which Primary Care Trusts are obliged to publish (rather than only supply on request) is set out in a “Publication Scheme”. The information in our scheme is viewable via FOI Publication Scheme

We have noted that a proportion of requests are ‘topical’ for a while and a request/supply made in this week might well be similar to one in a recent earlier week. For that reason, we've been publishing all our replies since summer 2011: an archive of them is viewable at FOI Archive

Last reviewed: 23/03/2012

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